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8 Ways to Make A Splash With Your Backsplash

When you walk into someone's kitchen, what's the first thing that catches your eye? If it's done well, it may be the backsplash. A backsplash can make or break your kitchen's look, it's what brings every aspect of your kitchen together. If you haven't found a backsplash that matches your style, why not give your kitchen a conversation piece and try out one of these more "unconventional" backsplash ideas? 


Brick backsplash


1. Exposed brick backsplash adds a cozy feel to any home. If you want a contemporary kitchen but subway tile isn't your style, give brick a try. Painted brick is also a popular choice. It is relatively inexpensive compared to tile. If adding brick isn't an option in your current situation, try out brick wall paper or brick veneer to elevate your kitchen. 


Chalkboard paint backsplash


2. Chalkboard paint backsplash has been mentioned in quite a few articles across the internet. Many say it's sleek and stylish but one article stood out in particular. said it's not as practical as you may think if you're using it in an area near your stove or sink. It's hard to clean grease splatter and dirt from it because of its matte texture. But if you plan to use it in different areas of your kitchen other than near the stove and sink, then it is a perfect alternative to tile for a fun kitchen.


Metal backsplash


3. Different metals, such as stainless steel, copper, or tin can be used as backsplash too. It gives a certain unique pizzazz that you can't get with other materials. It could be a little too industrial if not executed right. If you're worried about making your kitchen look industrial, use metal as an accent piece in an area such as behind the stove or use metal tiles.


Marble backsplash


4. Marble is a little more common than some other options on this list but it's definitely not something you see everyday because of its price. Marble slabs bring in a natural beauty that you can't get from from anything else. The backsplash blends with your countertops, creating an almost seamless unity throughout your kitchen.


Wood backsplash


5. Reject modernity and embrace tradition with a wood paneling backsplash. Wood paneling is something I'm sure you thought was dead and gone but it's making a comeback in a very striking way. Reclaimed wood, often used for wood paneling, is a popular choice not only for its stylish look but for its eco-friendly nature.


Mirror backsplash
6. Want a bigger kitchen but don't have the space or money to remodel the entire kitchen? Use a mirror backsplash. A mirror would give your kitchen the illusion of dimension and make it brighter. Although, mirrors do show every mark of dirt/splashing so you would have to clean fairly often to keep a clean looking kitchen.


Penny backsplash


7. You've seen penny floors but have you seen penny backsplash? Depending on how much space you're working with, a penny backsplash could be a relatively inexpensive alternative to tile. Sandy O'Konek from used her chump change to create the backsplash shown above for a fun (slightly time consuming) DIY project.


Bottle cap backsplash

8. Tune in to your creative side and create a unique mosaic with all of those bottle caps you've been collecting. This fun DIY, shown in the picture above from, can be time consuming but makes for an interesting, custom to you design for your kitchen. But be wary, if you use epoxy, make sure to do it in layers so the bottle caps don't float to top. 

Choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen is a key ingredient in making your kitchen look cohesive. Making the right decision can be difficult by yourself so why not give us a call at 209-772-9200 or toll free at 800-498-1833 for all of your kitchen remodeling needs.